One of the great things about being Canadian is that we don’t have a defacto “Two Party” system.  OK, OK, OK, the reality is that in the majority of our Federal Elections, it’s still White Cat or Black Cat.  But, as recent as 2011, the New Democratic Party (NDP) was there to keep the cats in check.  And, this is macro so let’s not get bogged down with the Bloc Quebecois or Reform.  For the better part of the last one hundred years or so, control of the Federal government has been between the Conservatives (or Progressive Conservatives), the Liberals, the NDP and to a lesser degree the predecessor of the NDP, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF).

Though often it’s been slim pickins at the top of the ballot both here in Canada and in the United States, the shit-show that is the 2016 Presidential race is unprecedented.  For better, and for worse

Never before has there been a Woman elected as President of the United States, and though eDay is tomorrow there is little doubt that Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States – and that is unfortunate.  Not because she’s a woman, but because she has no hesitation when it comes to invading other countries, sending hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths and displacing tens of Millions of others; in spite of the economic genocide committed on the working and middle classes she is pro Free Trade; she has proven time and again that rules, policies, and laws are for “those people”; and, she is an absolutely horrible stump speaker.  The only good thing to come of tomorrow will be that she can return to her normal voice which is one that a person can listen to without grabbing the remote and switching to something with better sounding characters, like Ren and Stimpy, or the Judge Jeanine Pirro Show.

Then there’s the Trumpster.  In the Spring of 2015 when Trump announced, like many others, I thought he was just trolling everyone.  I still do.  It started as an epic troll by an old man with nothing left to prove and it’s just gotten way, way, way out of hand.  Regardless, Trump, the Republican claims that he wouldn’t invade other countries; wants to tear up or renegotiate the various Free Trade Deals; makes no bones about the fact that he exploits legal loopholes to his personal advantage; and is easy to listen to because he speaks at a fifth grade level and though he sometimes expresses anger, he doesn’t lilt into a high pitched yell.

With the exception of Trump being Pro-Life and Clinton being Pro-Choice, they’ve managed to flip the various issues and effectively check-mate the “Progressives”.  Think about it.  If you’re against Financialization and Free Trade, who are you going to go with . . . Clinton?  Patron Saint of Wall Street.  Or Trump, though a charter member of the 1%, at least he speaks the language of the wage earner.  At least he gives the issue some attention.

When it comes to invading other countries and murdering innocents we know that Clinton will continue with the Obama doctrine and have no qualms about murdering folks on the other side of the planet using drones, hitmen, or the entire US Military if deemed necessary.   At least Trump has said he won’t run around invading other countries.  All he wants is for other nations to pay protection money . . .

Now this isn’t to say vote Trump, or that Clinton will be the end of the world.  Trump’s stance on abortion alone is an automatic disqualifier; just an observation of how they’ve managed to move a couple of major issues from the traditional domain of one party to the traditional domain of the other, and it’s been lost in the noise.

I’ve tweeted it out, and even had a couple of takers that, being Canadian, I can’t vote in a US election, well, legally anyway.  Though on this side of the Border I’d rather eat broken glass than support the Green Party, I’ve asked for Americans to vote Green on my behalf.  They may, or may not be an answer over the longer term, but if they get at least 5% of the popular vote they get benefits that will better position them for the next time around.  Not a solution, but Trump is clearly a non-starter and Hillary is on the wrong side of far too many important issues.

So if you can, and I hate to ask a favour, but if can vote on my behalf, cast a vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party in the United States.  Any non-violent change in the US Electoral system will be generational, so you may as well start now.