Well that’s interesting; The President of the United States is now an entry-level position.

As a life-long supporter of the New Democratic Party (NDP), I know the pain of defeat.  I know the empty feeling, the sadness, the finger pointing, the fear, the hate, oh that hatred can run deep and has a power unto itself; the dashed dreams, the loss of hope, the human desire for recrimination.  When you pour your heart and soul into a candidate or cause for days, weeks, months or even years; only to lose in the end, the negative emotions bubble over – sometimes they take over.

The more unlikely you feel defeat is to be, the more sure you are of victory, the harder it is to accept the loss.  But the loss is there, it cannot be erased and the pain of the moment often causes one to lash out and attack any and all who you feel  have turned your dreams to ashes.

It is times like that, it is times like these that you must shed your tears; take a long hard look in the mirror; accept the loss; realize your role in the defeat; own the result; and then grow.

Though the tears are still flowing, and this may be “too soon”, but if you lash out and blame “the Russians”; blame the “white uneducated male voter”; blame the “media”; blame the “patriarchy”; blame the “system”; blame the “_______” – then you miss what actually caused your defeat, you will not grow and you will continue to lose.

So take the time to mourn, address those negative emotions; perhaps even allow yourself some time to wallow in self-pity, but don’t feed them too much, set a time-limit if you have to.  Learn the lessons, own the result, take responsibility and you will win – eventually.

For the victorious – act like you’ve been there before.  Realize and live your responsibility to be gracious, accommodating, and inclusive.  Manage your expectations and know that what you have fought for might not be the agenda of who you fought for.  Indeed, specifically in this case, the promise by Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again” by curtailing US Military aggression, controlling immigration, and bringing back good paying “blue collar” jobs will quickly be challenged by the overwhelmingly powerful corporate interests that have successfully fooled you repeatedly before.

To be truly successful, you must also dispense with blaming others.   Hold your side to account and be prepared for the sands to shift beneath your feet.